I and my team perform in-depth analyses of solar energy investment opportunities, companies, and technologies to create an information advantage. We use this advantage to help our clients increase sales and profits. Our clients include some of the largest energy and manufacturing companies in the world.


Richard Keiser is the founder and President of Keiser Analytics. Keiser Analytics has provided investment, analysis and strategic consulting services to a wide range of clients, including multi-nationals, large scale project developers, and global photovoltaic solar panel manufacturers since 2011. The firm has particular expertise in solar energy project development, solar energy finance, energy independence and global warming mitigation strategies.

Mr. Keiser was previously the founder of Level Solar which he led until June 2017. Mr. Keiser built Level Solar from an idea to a team of over 250 people with thousands of customers and annual revenue over $30MM. In the process, the company closed over $100 million in solar financing transactions. Under Mr. Keiser's leadership Level Solar received numerous awards, including twice being recognized as the top residential solar installer in the United States.

In 2011, Mr. Keiser published a landmark analysis of the United States solar industry, correctly predicting the rapid growth of the sector driven by scale and installation cost compression. The paper was the first to apply rigorous economic analysis to both U.S. electricity pricing and solar technology dynamics, and was cited in Bloomberg, The Financial Times, Forbes, and in solar publications around the world.

Mr. Keiser previously worked for 8 years at Sanford Bernstein in New York, where he was Senior Analyst and led the Technology Strategy research. At Sanford Bernstein, he analyzed disruptive technologies to understand how new markets would develop, and used this knowledge to help portfolio and hedge fund managers outperform. In 2005, he was awarded the Sanford C. Bernstein Royal Reach Award for outstanding contributions to research.

Mr. Keiser holds two patents in computer hardware and software design. He is a graduate of MIT.